quality health and safty policy

Avon contracting is committed to provide best in class quality service in design, Engineering, Construction of turky interior fit out and trading of fit out related materials. AVON holds Quality, Health and Safety as a core business value and is committed to provide safety and healthy working Enveronment.

A systematic approch to QHS management shell :

• Deliver compliance with the laws of the State of Qater nad QVON's internal standerds.

• Prevent all undesirable incidents by implemening adequate control measures and by minimizing any failure of existing controls.

• Achieve continual improvement in QHS Performance.

• Set objectivesand targets, measure, appraise and report QHS performance.

• Ensure subcontractors to manage QHS in line with this policy.

The purpose of this policy is :

a. To achieve a continual improvement in the management of quality of services and the risks to health and safety of our employees, subcontractors and other affected by our activities.
We aim to achive the enhance the effectiveness of the QHS performance that all AVON employees and clients can be proud of.


b. To cultivate commitment to :

• Protect the health and seafty of our wmployees, subcontractor's employees and the other persons associated with activties.

• Achieve effecient use of material and energy.

• Manage QHS as a critical business activity.

• promote a culture in which all employees and subcontractors shear our commitment to QHS.

• Play a leading role in promoting best practives with in the construction industry in the state of Qatar.

• Acceptence of direct individual accountability to comoly with QHS management system requirements.

• Encourage employees to work safely and empower them to stop work when the conditions and /or actions of others are unsafe.

• Reduce potential long term liabilities.